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Talents in front of and behind the Mic

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The Contributors to Gypsy Audio is small, but growing and we appreciate all who have come to help Gypsy Audio grow and become a productive audio company. Here are the wonderful people who have lent their talents to delight you:

The brilliant minds that wrote some of our productions are:

Alexa Chipman

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Bruce Humphries            A.J. Clarkson               Colin McRoberts James Leeper, Dave Frizzell, Laura Nicole
 Chris Moody Gareth Bowley, Sable Jak,

The awe-inspiring patience of putting

these productions together were:

Alex Gilmour

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

James M. Smagata

Wayne Scace

Laura Nicole

A. J. Clarkson

The magnificent music was provided by:

Kevin MacLeod

Vixy and Tony


S.J. Tucker

David Allen Krause

Bone Poets Orchestra

Gypsies Thespians:

Micheal Hudson, Kim Gianopoulos, Alex Gilmour, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Laura Nicole, Dedrick Jensen-Woodard, Melissa Bartell, Taylor Kent, Marleigh Norton, David Maciver, Jules Ismail, Morganne Reed, Bill Hollweg, Colin Snow, Stevie K. Farnaby, James Leeper, Kathera Pelodi,  Scott C. Wentworth, Al Aseoche, Russell Gold, Gareth Bowely, Terry Cooper, Tanja Milojevic, Carole Stokes, Mike Stokes, Channe Nolen, Stef Lintobon, Michael Valenzuela, Cookie Colletti, James Sedgwick, Lee James Sands, H. Keith Lyons,, MJ Cogburn, Stacy Dooks, Lyn Cullen, M. Sieiro Garcia, Rebecca Rinna, Andrew Hackley, Sophie Noelle, Kim Butler, Rachel Rumler, James Sedgewick, Chris Barns, Elie Hirshman, Paul Lavelle, Thomas Rippert, Sable Jak

We hope that we have gotten everyone who has participated within some part of the audios that we have come to adore. If we have forgotten someone’s name, please don’t hesitate to let Gwendolyn know.

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