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There are a plethora of other websites available out there on the Internet.  We would like to take the opportunity to encourage you to listen to other audios that some of our thespians have been in as well.


  • Vixy and Tony -Filk musicians with a power voice and hot licks! (The guitar silly) Listen to Vixy’s song “Ladies Don’t do Those Things” in our very own “Stargazers”
  • Howl-O“Is known for fresh arrangements of traditional tunes, captivating original songs, and energetic live sets. On “Ren-ditions”, their first full length cd, Howl-o breathed new life into 14 traditional songs. Since then they have produced two full length CDs, plus an eclectic Yule cd called “Merry”. They are featured on “Circle“; The Hurricane Relief CD. They are also regularly heard on “The Grog and Gryphon” Audio Drama
  • Kevin McLeod-He scores and produces royalty free music!

  • S.J Tucker Gifted Songstress, filker, writer and lady.

  • Heather Alexander/Alexander James Adams-Has several albums out, over the last three decades.

If we have forgotten a related audio production company that our thespians have been in, or if you’d like to swap banner/promotions/or just links please let one of the webmasters know and they will add it to the list here. Thank you!

Feel free to link back to us! Feel free to use this banner:

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