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Every company must have their “rules and regulations” that must be set down, thus, Gypsy Audio does have their own.  We do promise not to be tyrannical monsters, but we would appreciate the same respect that we give to our thespians.


  1. Record your lines for any of our auditions in 44100 MP3 format.

  2. Please do multiple takes.  It will give the director a chance to choose the best one.

  3. If you are required to shout in the audio, please move back from your microphone to do the line.

  4. If you have a question about pronunciation, please email the director and ask!

  5. Also send a copy of just background noise so that the director can clean up your lines if needed.

  6. Once you have finished recording, do not adjust your lines.  Let the post-producer clean the lines.

  7. Label your MP3 in the following manner:  (Yourname_Charactername_Title.mp3)

  8. Please put all lines in one track for consistency.

  9. If the file is large, please use YouSendIt to Gypsy Audio!

  10. Send to with this in the subject line: Title Audition.


  1. Always send us a recording of your name, so it’s pronounced correctly
  2. Please always do at least two takes, so the director can pick one that fits best
  3. Leave us your big bloopers. We’ll use them
  4. Please record your lines per scene. (note: this depends on the director/producer, so what they say trumps this list)
  5. Once you are cast, you’ll be given a different email to send you finished lines to. Do not use the above email, unless directed to do so for lines (it can always be used for questions!)
  6. Please, please turn your lines in on time. If you audition for a main role, be prepared to have those lines done on time. If you can’t, always let your director know. Something can be worked out (after all, this is all for the love of audio)
  7. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask! We don’t bite, unless asked nicely.


a) We here are gypsy’s because we have joined together from across other ad sites, the internet and the globe (perhaps even the universe). We are not Romani, and do not claim to be.

b)This site is a work of fiction, the stories are all fiction, and the characters created are fiction.

c) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Gwendolyn

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