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TTF: Colin McRobert’s “The Baba Yaga Saga: Part III: The Brave Youth

Colin McRobert’s “The Baba Yaga Saga: The Brave Youth”  Ep 3 is rated AD-PG and is suited to everyone with some very minimal parental guidance The Audio Drama Directory (Rating System)

Baba Yaga ep 3

The Baba Yaga Saga episode 3: The Brave Youth

The story of Baba Yaga was adapted for audio from the great Russian Fairy Tale by Colin McRoberts.

Featured in the cast were:
Michael Valenzuela as the Cat
Robin McRoberts as the Sparrow
Kyle McColl as the Brave Youth
Kimberly Poole as Baba Yaga
Julie Hoverson, Robyn Keys, and Karen Kahler as Baba Yaga’s Daughters
And Tim Rowe as Uncle Ivan the wonderful.

This program was directed by Colin McRoberts

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