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Featuring the voice talent of:

April Sadowski as 0012 Lara Bond

Alex Gilmour as Q

Scarlett M. as Natalya Simonova

Nigel Banyard as Ian Falchion

Ronnie Rowlands as Ronald Jones M.P.

Melissa D. Johnson as Miss Moneypenny

Brian Oldham as Alphonso Vallejo
Ronnie Rowlands as Walter Macens
Abner Senires as Stanley Beck
Eric Troup as Henchman 1
Bruce Humphries as the Comic Shop Clerk
Colin Kelly as Baronfett

Bill Hollweg as a Tourist

James Leeper as the waiter
Tenderstone as Jaynefan
Stefania Lintonbon as MI5 Agent 1
James Leeper as Waiter 1

Walter Smagata asĀ  MI5 Agent 2

Aaron Parent as Henchman 2

Jon Specht as the Announcer


Joy Edwards as M

Original Theme Music

Lyrics by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Music and Vocals by Scott Pietrangelo


Opening Promo: The Signal Podcast

Written By:

Alexa Chipman

Produced/Directed by:

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Assistant Producer:

Alex Gilmour

Post-Produced by:

James W. Smagata

Art work by:

Alexa Chipman

This is released on a creative commons copyright, and released for entertainment purposes only.

No infringement was intended.