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Gypsy Cove VI: The Long Road Down

 Gypsy Cove episode 5: The Long Road Down is rated AD-PG13, for some adult themes, some violence and just plain weirdness. Welcome to Gypsy Cove.(Rating System)

Gypsy Cove  ep 6



Gypsy Cove Episode VI: The Long Road Down

Produced by Gypsy Audio

Written by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and Sound Design by Alex Gilmour

Featuring the Voice Talents of:

EMT Seth                                     Andrew Hackley

Dr. Frank Capra                              David Ault

Dr. Paul Jameson                             Jeff Niles

Sally Shaw RN                                   Carole Stokes

Elizabeth Gilmour                           Amanda Fitzwater

Simon Perrigo                               Michael King

Cerene Devane                          Fiona Thraille

Katherine Perrigo                           Kim Butler

Dr. Elias Strassberg                        Alex Gilmour

Viktor                                 Bill Hollweg

Abigail Franklin- Perrigo               Laura Nicole

PSA                                   Lee James Sands

Dep. Ian Greene                         Stacy Dooks

Sheriff Mike Haskins                       Paul W. Campell

Samael                                Gareth Bowley

Aiden Darkmoore                           James Leeper


Georgie Starr                           Cookie Colletti



Vampire Intent Commercial, written by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and performed by Marleigh Norton

Gypsy Cove theme by David Krause. Other music by Kevin MacLeod

Effects courtesy of the Free sound Project , Sound Dogs, Rachel Rumler and Alex Gilmour

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This recording is released under a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial- No Derivatives 3.0. License. GypsyAudio 2013

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