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Gypsy Cove V: Good Intentions and Never Never Land

Gypsy Cove  ep 5

Gypsy Cove episode 5: Good Intentions and Never Never Land is rated AD-PG13 (Rating System)

Gypsy Cove Ep V: Good Intentions and Never Never Land

Produced by Gypsy Audio

Written by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and Post produced by Alex Gilmour

Featuring the Voice Talents of:

David Maciver as James Avery
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Danae Spencer
Paul Lavelle as Peter Rawling
Marleigh Norton as Bobbie Jameson
Mark Kalita as Paul Jameson
Colin Snow as Benjamin Jameson
M. Sieiro Garcia as Penelope Jameson
David Ault as Dr. Frank Capra
Alexa Chipman as Mathonwy
Paul W. Campbell as Sheriff M. Haskins
Stacy Dooks as Dep. Ian Greene
Thomas Barnes as Police Band Radio
Megan Pressely as Eva Jameson
Mike Stokes as Forrest Darkmoore
Taylor Kent as Pierce Cushing
Carole Stokes as Sally Shaw
Paul Mannering as Father Damien Hughes
Channe Nolan as Tracy Paulson
Keith DeCandido as Matthew Todd
Becca Rinna as Jamie Greene
Andrew Hackley as Steve  Shaw
Elie Hirschman  as Warren Perrigo
Elaine Barrett as Jezzebeth

Brownie Car Commercial Written by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard.  Performed by Jeff Niles and Stefania Lintonbon

Music provided by
Gypsy Cove theme by David Krause
Six String Love by Vixy and Tony of (used with permission)
Eye of the Dragon by Echo of
The Mystic Forest by Ashley Alyse of
sound effects from:

This has been Released Under A Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial No-Derivatives 3.0 License 2012.

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