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The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story is rated AD-G(suitable for everyone!) (Rating System)

The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story

Adapted for Gypsy Audio by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Produced by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and Alex Gilmour
Post-Produced By Alex Gilmour

                        C.K. DEXTER HAVEN- DAVID MACIVER
                        MR. KIDD—MIKE STOKES
                        LIZ- KIM GIANOPOULOS
                        CONNOR-CHRIS CANARY
                        MRS. LORD-CAROLE STOKES
                        DINAH—BECCA RINAS
                        GEORGE- ELIE HERSHMAN
                        MISS WALLACE- A. J. CLARKSON
                        ANNOUNCER- ALEX GILMOUR

Music provided by  Kevin MacLeod

Sound effects from:


We do not own the script, and this is for entertainment purposes only. This production is released under A Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial No-Derivatives 3.0 License 2013.

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