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Stage Door

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Stage Door

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Stage Door: Written by Edna Furber

Produced by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and Alex Gilmour

Post Produced by Jim Smagata
Aspiring actresses live, love and fight while living in The Footlights Club during the 1920’s.


Cecil B. DeMille, host-narrator Murry Retread

The Boardinghouse Team:
Terry Randall Marleigh Norton
Jean Maitland Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Linda Shaw, Jean’s catty rival-Ara Pelodi
Ann, Jean’s dance partner Morgan Barnhart
Kaye Hamilton, the tragic one Laura Frechette
Mrs. Orcutt, who runs the boardinghouse- Kim Gianopolous
Mrs. Ann Luther, the veteran actress—Julie Hoverson
Eve, the sarcastic one- Al Aoesche
Mary Lou, heavy Southern accent=Megan pressley
Judy, from Seattle Tanja Milojavich
Susan, New York accent M. Sierio Garcia

Anthony Powell-David Maciver

Friends of Anthony Powell:
Harcourt, Powell’s butler-Alex Gilmour
Ellsworth, the critic- Ralph W Walters
Korovsky, Russian dance teacher-Stevie K. Farnaby
Miss Winters, Powell’s secretary/switchboard operator MJ Cogburn
Carmichael, the financier- Chris Gumprich
Mother (in play) Alexa Chipman
Father (in play) Mike Stokes

The Loved Ones:
Bill, Jean’s love interest-Jules Ismail
Henry Sims, Terry’s father-Taylor Kent

The General Atmosphere:
Waiter, serving Sims- Jules Ismail
Reporter-Stacy Dooks
Man, in Powell’s office Paul Mannering
Man Number Two Alex Gilmour
Man Number Three-Dedrick Jensen-Woodard
Man Number Four Colin Snow
Woman M Sieiro Garcia

We do not retain the copyright to Stage Door, and this is for entertainment purposes only!

The cast and crew of Stage Door dedicate our production to Kimmie Daily, a 16 year old murder victim taken far too soon. Kimmie you are missed-Chivani

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