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The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures-Arc 1 part 4

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures are rated AD-PG(Parental Guidance is advised due to war, danger, and death) (Rating System)

BGA: Lachesis 4

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures: Arc 1-The Lachesis Project ep 4

Written and Post-Produced by A. J. Clarkson

Produced by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and A. J. Clarkson

Our Players for this episode:

Sebastian Blackburn — James Leeper
Elizabeth Blackburn — Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Dr. Richard Mayes — Chris Canary
Dr. Avery Fuller — Abner Senires

Music was provided by Kevin MacLeod at
Sounds effects were provided by
The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures and The Lachesis Project are protected under a Creative Commons license 3.0, 2012.


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