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The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures Arc 3 “Family Matters” part 1

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures are rated AD-PG(Parental Guidance is advised due to some adult situations and scary monsters) (Rating System)

BGA: Arachnophobia 4

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures:Arc 3-Family Matters part 1

Written and Directed by A.J. Clarkson

Starring James Leeper and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

What could possibly happen to Lizzie and Sebastian in their own back yard? What indeed….


Sebastian Blackburn James Leeper
Elizabeth Blackburn Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Everett Lockwood John Perry
Maria Macaulay Lockwood A. J. Clarkson
Doctor George Benton Michael Simpkins
Constable Christopher Franklin Jacob Anderson

Music. was provided by Kevin MacLeod at

Sounds Effects were provided by

See More artwork like by the creator of Sebastian’s hand in this Arc’s art here: Truckload of Art

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures and Arachnophobia are protected under a Creative Commons License 3.0, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives. 2014

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