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The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures Arc 3: Family Matters Part 2

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures are rated AD-PG(Parental Guidance is advised due to some adult situations and scary monsters) (Rating System)

BGA: Arachnophobia 4

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures:Arc 3-Family Matters part 2

Written and Directed by A.J. Clarkson

Starring James Leeper and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Something is out there, using technology similar to Sebastian’s own…is it the fabled Rock Monster


Sebastian Blackburn James Leeper
Elizabeth Blackburn Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

 Everett Lockwood   John Perry
Maria Macaulay Lockwood A. J. Clarkson
Doctor George Benton  Michael Simpkins
Theodore Benton   Stacey Dooks
Constable Christopher Franklin Jacob Anderson

Man 1 Dave Morgan Man 2 Bryce Beattie Woman 1 Sarah Swinford

Music. was provided by Kevin MacLeod at

Sounds Effects were provided by

See More artwork like by the creator of Sebastian’s hand in this Arc’s art here: Truckload of Art

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures and Arachnophobia are protected under a Creative Commons License 3.0, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives. 2014

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