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The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures: Arc 2 Arachnophobia Part 2

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures are rated AD-PG(Parental Guidance is advised due to some adult situations and steam-punk spiders) (Rating System)

BGA: Arachnophobia 2

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures: Arc 2 Part 2: Arachnophobia

Written and Post-Produced by A. J. Clarkson

Produced by Gypsy Audio

What was the strange scream everyone heard at the end of part one? Where are people’s files disappearing too? Is Elizabeth really all right? And will Sebastian keep his temper in check? Find out today on Arachnophobia part 2.

STARRING: James Leeper and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Sebastian and Elizabeth Blackburn

Our Players for this episode are:

Carole Stokes as Dr. Celila Barton
Arin Scalfo as Henry Young-
Caith Donovan as  Petrovich-
 Glenn Hibburt as Thomas Booke
Thomas Rippert as Honocher
Pete Milan as Elias Knox

Music was provided by Kevin MacLeod at

Sounds Effects were provided by

The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures and Arachnophobia are protected
under a Creative Commons License 3.o, attribution, non-commercial, no
derivatives, at Gypsy Audio 2013.

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