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Fortuna ep 2 part 1: Derelict

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Fortuna is rated AD-PG-13(Parental Guidance is advised space, guns, and discussed sexual situations ( Rating Guide ).

Fortuna 2 ep 1: Derelict


Fortuna ep 2- Derelict part 1

Written and Post-Produced by A. J. Clarkson

Produced by Gypsy Audio


Helen MacKenzie- SaRoh
Paris “Mac” MacKenzie- Alex Gilmour
Andi Hartwell- Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Kitty Schneider- AJ Clarkson
Casey- David MacIver

Our guest cast this episode includes:

Friedrich Telramund- Thomas Rippert
Bentley Shumate- Jordan J. Scavone
Paul Ferguson-Dave Morgan
Christine Hudson-Laura Nicole
Eric Young-Miles Reid-Lobatto

Sound Effects.
Music by Kevin MacLeod at

Theme Song “The Labyrinth” by SJ Tucker at, and is used with permission.

Album art by Thomas Rippert

This show is protected by the following: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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